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Bishop Trevor as he confirmed six young people and baptised two.
Christmas 2016 Wittersham Church
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Christmas events

Christmas 2016 Wittersham Church

Prayer bubbles at the Christmas service.  
Many adults as well as children enjoyed blowing 
prayer bubbles after the service.

Roving Nativity.
We really loved taking a roving Nativity around some of the roads of Wittersham before Christmas.    

We took two lambs and a Shetland pony as well as juice and sweets for the children and mulled wine and mince pies for the adults.    We had many supportive comments like “Thank you, you have brought Christmas to us, we really feel that Christmas is here now”  

Christmas in Wittersham 2014

Thank you to everyone who made the Christmas Tree Festival such a success.   We hope to
 publish some pictures on the blog soon.
Alan and Judy would like to thank everyone for their kind wishes over Christmas, for the many
cards and gifts we received, thank you all.   We wish all our readers a Happy New Year for 2014.
Christmas was a joy.  It started with the Community Christmas Tree Festival and as we travelled
through the story of our Saviour's birth so we welcomed many regulars and visitors to our church services.

Choir Christmas Party 2012

What a joy it was to be at the choir soiree
where we were encouraged to join in some
country dancing!  Among the entertainment
was a really funny duet followed by a solo which
included  inuendo and inuendo - we say no
more!! The Romney Marsh Hand Bell Ringers 
 played a selection of Christmas Carols and
 Ruth showed extraordinary expertise by her
rendition of "The Swan" played on her cello with an orange!
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