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Children's Activity Day

On August 7th we held our annual Activity Day for youngsters aged between 4 and 11.        We played games, made cakes and iced biscuits and heard about St Paul's teaching on how the body needs to work together to be successful. Following this we had little competitions which needed teamwork and the most popular of these was building a tower with marshmallows and raw spaghetti!!

We sent balloons on their way late in the afternoon and have heard that one landed in Hythe.   We await for news of the others.  A great day enjoyed by all.

Children's activity day August 19th

How do you recycle the Church Times?                    Or you could join in our beach treasure hunt after
You make beach shorts on our Children's                  we heard the story of the wise and foolish men.
Activity Day.
Everyone enjoyed the Activity Day in August, both children and adults alike.  Many thanks to all who helped.

Epiphany Party th January 2013

The Epiphany cake made by Cynthia for our Epiphany Party.  We played party games, both adults and children and also enjoyed many other activities.  Thank you to everyone who helped.
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